Cognitive development

Child and adolescent development for educations. Bergin, Bergin, Walker, Daniel, Fenton, Subban (2019).

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  • Cognitive development
    • Information processing, memory and problem solving
      • Information processing
        • sensory register, long-term memory, working memory, memory span, executive functions, inhibitory control, metacognition, retrieval, selective attention, ADHD, inclusion,
      • Memory
        • fuzzy traces, interference, source monitoring, encoding specificity, encoding, rehearsal, elaboration, schema, script, mnemonics, acronym, keyword method, spaced practice
      • Reasoning and problem solving
        • Induction
    • Cognitive ability
      • Talent
        • deliberate practice, use of time, genes & innate ability, motivation, teaching
      • Achievement
        • Academic achievement, underachievement, SES, gender, culture, class size, high stakes tests
      • Intellligence
    • Behaviourism
      • Vygotsky's theory
        • ZPD, scaffolding, private speech,cultureal tools, apprenticeship, guided participation, social constructivism, reciprocal teaching, self-efficacy,
      • Classical conditioning
        • Operant conditioning
      • Piaget's theory
        • Cognition, constructivist, assimilation, scheme, accommodation, equilibrium, symbolic thought, sensorimoter stage, deferred imitation, opbject permanence, operation, egocentric, conservation, reverse operations


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