class and educational achievement

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  • Class and educational achievement
    • External factors
      • Cultural deprivation
        • many W/C parents fail to socialize their children adequately
        • Lacking the cultural equipment to success
        • Language- Bernstein
          • Elaborated
          • Restricted
        • Intellectual development
          • Douglas- W/C parents- less likely to support their childrens intellectual development
        • attitudes and values- Sugarman
          • Immediate gratification
          • Deferred gratification
      • Material deprevation
        • nearly 90% of "failing schools" are located in deprived areas
        • Poor housing
          • overcrowding- less room for educational activities
        • Diet and health
          • poor nutrition- weaker immune system- absence from school
        • The costs of education
          • work instead of school
      • Cultural capital
        • Bourdieu
          • Middle class culture gives an advantage to those possessing it
          • middle class children w/cultural capital are better equipped to meet the demands of the school curriculum
        • M/C parents know the education system
    • In 2003, less than 40% of W/C children achieved five or more GCSEs at grades A*-C
    • internal factors
      • Labelling
        • Becker - "ideal pupil" M/C pupils closest
      • Self-fulfilling prophecy
        • Untitled


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