How can a couple prevent conception

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  • How a couple can prevent conception
    • Barrier Methods
      • Male condom
        • Female condom (femidom)
      • Diaphragm (cap)
    • Hormone methods
      • Pill- Oestrogen + Progesterone
        • Mini pill - Progesterone
        • Injections
          • Implants (rods)
    • Natural methods
      • Rhythm  methods
        • Withdrawal
          • Abstinence
    • Permanent Methods
      • Vasectomy ( male )
        • Sterilisation ( female )
    • Pros and cons of a condom
      • cons
        • Pros
          • 98% effective if they`re used properly
            • Condoms protect both partners against sexually transmitted infections including aids.
              • Widely available from chemists,supermarkets and vending machines
            • FREE from family planning clinics
        • Can get split  or slip off during intercourse especially if it is not put on properly
          • stopping to put a condom on can interrupt the flow of intercorse
          • the man must withdraw very soon after he ejaculates to stop semen leaking out
      • Pros and cons of the female condom
        • Pros
          • 95% effective if they`re used properly
            • protect both partners from sexually transmitted infection, including aids
        • Cons
          • fiddly to use properly- the penis has to be guided into the female condom
            • Expensive


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