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Child Development
·The Family
·Planning a family
·Pre-conceptual care
·Baby's support system
·Development of foetus
·Antenatal care
·Problems/testing during pregnancy…read more

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The family
Extended family: When grandparents, uncles, aunties and cousins all live close by.
Nuclear family : When parents and children live away form rest of the family.
Step-family: When the mother/father remarries into another family.
Adopted family: When the child is adopted
Foster family: When the child/children are fostered by the family
Residential home: When a member of the family cannot be cared for he/she is put into a
care home.
One- parent family: Where the child is looked after only by the mother/father
Same-sex couples: where a gay couple adopts.
Primary socialization: learnt from family immediate home surroundings
Secondary socialization: school, T.V., so on.…read more

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Type of family advantages Disadvantages
Extended family ·Babysitters ·Knows all your business
·Advice and help ·May be disagreements on the child
·Close family bonding ·Lack of privacy
Nuclear family ·No interference from the family ·Being away form close relatives
·Can visit rest of family when they ·May cost more to send child to
want nursery
·Smaller family units are more ·Children may lose close
affordable relationship with grandparents
Step-family ·Better-quality of life? ·Jealousy
·More money ·Confusion in roles
·Parents have adult relationship ·Animosity towards step-parent
Residential care homes ·Children cared for by ·Unhappy away from family
professionals ·Lack of privacy
·Comfortable home ·Shared facilities
·Immediate care
One parent couple ·Parent- happy, relaxed on own ·Lacking a father/mother figure
·Child- less traumatized ·Lacking financially
·May find new partner ·Child misses other parent…read more

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Planning a family
Factors to consider
Changes in lifestyle
Older parents?
Younger parents?
Full-time work?
Part time work?…read more

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Factors to consider
Do parents have enough money to support the
Are the parents in stable relationship
Can the parents provide for the child's needs
(e.g. home clothing).
Will a baby bring about changes in careers
How many children do they want?
What would be the best age gap?
What effect might it have on the parents
What might be the ideal age for parents?…read more

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Changes in lifestyle
Social life may be disrupted
Their life is enriched by the presence of the baby
The baby brings joy and laughter to the home
The parents may have little freedom, although their
new life is filled with other exciting times with the
Parents may need to change their employment to fit
around the needs of the baby
The child will require constant care until they become
The baby requires regular feeds; this can be
rewarding yet tiring.…read more

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is there any way of posting powerpoints on on google docs format so that they can be viewed on any computer?



This was so helpful thanks so much:)

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