Chem Unit 2 Revision

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  • Chemistry Unit 2
    • Shapes of Molecules
      • 3 Electron Pairs
        • No Lone Pairs= Trigonal Planar (120o)
        • 1 Lone Pair= V Shaped (120o)
      • 4 Electron Pairs
        • 0 Lone Pairs= Tetrahedral (109.5o)
        • 1 Lone Pair= Pyramidal (107o)
        • 2 Lone Pairs= V Shaped (104.5o)
      • 5 Electron Pairs
        • 0 Lone Pairs= Trigonal Bipyramidal (120o and 90o)
    • Group 2 Metal
      • Solubility of hydroxides increases down the group
      • Solubility of sulphates increase up the group
      • Thermal Stability increases down a group
    • Silver Nitrate Test for halide ions
      • Chloride= White Precipitate
      • Bromide= Cream Precipitate
      • Iodide=Yellow Precipitate
    • Alcohols
      • Haloalkanes can be made using Phosphorus (III) Halides
      • Primary Alcohols oxidised to aldehydes and then carboxylic acids
      • Secondary Alcohols oxidised to ketones
      • Elimination
        • addition of KOH forms alkenes
      • Haloalkanes react with ammonia to form amines
    • Types of reagents (Alcohols)
      • Nucleophile
        • electron pair donors- breaks C-H bond as highly negative (heterolytic fission)
      • Electrophile
        • electron pair acceptors- breaks C=C bond as highly positive (heterolytic fission)
      • Free Radicals
        • have unpaired electron- formed by homolytic fission


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