Chemical Formulae

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  • Chemical Formulae
    • Names to Formula
      • Mono-One   Di-Two      Tri-Three      Tetra-Four      Penta-Five   Hexa-Six
      • E.G. Carbon Monoxide= CO
      • -ide=Two       -ite=Three (one being Oxygen)         -ate Three (one being Oxygen)
    • Valency
      • The combining power of atoms
      • Group No12345678 Val12343210
      • Depends on number of outer electrons
      • Can be used to work out formula
        • Write symbol of involved elements
          • Write valency of each beneath
            • Swap valencies
              • Simplify
                • Write formula
                  • E.G. Potassium Oxide                K O                 1 2               2 1                 K20
    • When Including Ion Groups...
      • Just do exactly the same thing, but instead of writing the element symbol, write the ion symbol. Valency of ion groups are found in the data book.
    • Roman Numerals
      • Some elements, especially transition metals, have no fixed valency. This means that valency is the roman numeral.


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