Media: Characteristics of New Media

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  • Characteristics of New Media
    • Digitalisation
      • The growth of digital technology in the 1990s resulted in changes in the way information is stored and transmitted. All info is now converted into binary code.
    • Technological convergence
      • Digitalisation resulted in the convergence of different types of information into a single delivery system.
      • Boyle (2005) notes that digitalisation allows info to be delivered across a range of platforms that were once separate.
        • It's now possible to watch TV, take photos and listen to music etc all on one device.
    • Economic convergence
      • Media industries that once produced separate devices make economic alliances with each other and made multimedia delivery systems (Samsung, Sony etc)
    • Cultural convergence
      • Jenkins notes that media convergence has changed the way we interact with each other and the media.
      • We use media for shopping, music, TV, holidays, clothing etc.
    • Interactivity
      • Media responds in 'real time' through clicking on links.
      • Users can select the stories they want to read, in the order that they want.
    • Choice
      • Audiences can choose what they want to do and do it whenever they want.
      • Boyle notes that society's use of TV has evolved from a supply-led to a demand-led.
    • Participatory culture
      • Audiences are no longer passive recievers but can collaborate with media via Facebook, YouTube etc.
    • Collective intelligence
      • Jenkins notes 'none of us can know everything; each of us knows something; and we can put the pieces together if we pool our resources and combine our skills'


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