The Characteristics of New Media

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  • The Characteristics of New Media
    • The digital revolution and convergence
      • Digitalisation has resulted in different ways of presenting information as they can all be combined into a single delivery system.
        • This is known as convergence
          • Technological convergence has also produced social and economic convergence
          • JENKINS (2008)
            • He noted the change in mobile phone technology
            • Media convergence effects the way we consume media.
          • CORNFORD & ROBINS (1999)
            • Digital convergence would see the emergence of the 'holy grail' information age.
              • However, JENKINS noted that this is unlikely to happen.
        • BOYLE (2005)
          • Noted that digitalisation allows information to be delivered across a range of media platforms.
          • Technologies are converging.
    • Compression
      • Digital technologies enable the compression of signals
      • TV and radio signals can now be sent through the same cable.
      • New markets have developed as a result.
      • BOYLE (2007)
        • The focus of media companies is on creating a personalised media experience.
    • Interactivity
      • The new media are interactive media
      • It is responsive to real time user input
      • Consumers can mix and match the information they want
      • JENKINS
        • Interactivity has been brought about by convergence
        • Media audiences will go anywhere for the entertainment experience they want.
        • It has produced a participatory culture
        • Interactivity has also produced a collective intelligence
          • This can be seen as an alternative source of media power
          • The internet has provided a place for people to build collective intelligence
        • Fans of TV shows have become extrememly influential
      • BOYLE (2005)
        • Noted similar trends as JENKINS
        • We can decide what we watch and when
        • We can interact with particular TV shows


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