character analysis: Izzy

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  • character analysis: Izzy
    • reckless
      • wants power
      • but is shocked at Mia's use of Valium on Alice, mostly because she doesn't want to get into trouble
    • selfish
      • 16 years old
      • "I was exploiting my hay fever to the maximum"
    • flirtacious
      • flirts a lot with Henry until he finally gives in and sleeps with her
    • nasty
      • responsible for the brutal initiation
    • spiteful
      • mean to Mia
    • manipulative
      • manipulates Alice
      • "you wouldn't want to make this tricky, now would you?"
    • needy
      • sleeps with Henry and wants him to love her
    • desperate
      • wants attention
    • cheeky
      • spends most of her time, unsupervised, at boarding school
      • teases Mia about her night with her brother
      • "respect your elders sweetie"


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