character analysis: Mia

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  • character analysis: Mia
    • sarcastic
      • uses a lot of black comedy
    • independent
      • even though she's only 15
    • sulky
      • trusts her dad but sulks when she meets him - doesn't want to open up
    • uncommunicative
      • even with her father, who she still trusts
    • troubled
      • negative relationship with mother
      • guilty for what she has done to Alice
    • confused
      • adores Henry and doesn't want to disappoint him, but hates her mother
    • vicious bully
      • takes part in brutal boarding school initiation
    • unhealthy
      • drinks and smokes due to a lack of parental stability
    • victim
      • still trusts her father even after he abandoned the family
    • sinister
      • enjoys power
      • drugs Alice
      • "I wanted the initiation to go smoothly"


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