characterisation in woyzeck

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  • Characterisation
    • thought track
      • to understand inner thoughts and feelings of character
    • levels of intensity
      • allows actor to understand with how much force they should portray their chacarter
    • character reversal
      • understand the character and by recognising their opposing traits understanding their present traits
    • neutral mask
      • focus on physicality and expressing character with lack of words or facial expression
    • marrionett
      • understand posture and what leads a character
    • 7 states of tension
      • understand characters emotion at this point and the effect this has on movement.
    • unit objectives
      • understanding of characters intensions at each part of the scene 'I want to...'
    • immediate circumstance
      • understand what has effected your character to carry out this scene 60 secs before
    • off text improvisation
      • helps gain a greater understanding of what has happened to character previously
    • 90 degree change
      • help understand frantic mind set and number of emotions character is feeling
    • actioning
      • understand motifs in respect to other characters 'I...'


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