character analysis: Martha

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  • character analysis: Martha
    • spoilt
      • "I would rather (lead) a  short life full of luxury and decadence than a long and boring one"
    • childish
      • spends all her time in bed
      • jealous when Henry spends time with other people
    • immature
      • gets jealous when Henry loses his virginity
      • her children call her by her first name
      • refuses to get professional help
    • spiteful
      • towards Mia and Hugh
    • self-centred
      • wants Henry all to herself
    • emotionally unstable
      • heavy addiction to alcohol and prescription drugs
      • hasn't dealt with her divorce from her husband, Hugh
    • flirtacious
      • unhealthy, incestual relationship with Henry
    • confrontational
      • she uses Henry to gang up on Hugh about money
    • defensive
      • due to divorce and mental state
    • erratic
      • due to her addictions
    • unpredictable
      • pretends that her son is dead to her son Henry
      • she gives Henry a love bite


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