character analysis: Henry

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  • character analysis: Henry
    • emotional
      • he can't stand up to his mother because he doesn't want to hurt her
    • sensitive
      • easily maanipulated and emotionally blackmailed by his mother
    • neat
      • aspiring artist
    • ordered
      • tries to sort things out at the start - takes Mia to see Alice and try to sort out the situation
      • "nothing can excuse this"
    • troubled
      • has an unhealthy, unusual relationship with his mother
      • acts like a child at the end of the play
    • annoyed
      • he can't stand his father and blames his mother's psychological state on him
    • weary
      • dropped out of college to look after his mother - that is now his normality
    • tired
      • has to look after Martha full time
    • uncaring
      • he sleeps with Izzy and doesn't care for her afterwards
      • a bully and a victim


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