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  • Civil Liberties
    • Article I, section 9 limits power of congress in bills of attainder, ex post facto laws and habeas corpus.
    • Categories of Rights and Protections: CRIMINAL, PROCEDURAL, INDIVIDUAL
    • 1ST AMEND
    • 2ND AMEND
      • Increased conflict due to school shootings
    • 3RD AMEND
      • Unimportant, except zone of privacy from gov.
    • 4TH AMEND
      • Protects from efforts by law enforcement, need a search warrant.
    • 5TH AMEND
      • Self-incrimination, right to remain silent, etc.
    • 6TH AMEND
      • Right to a speedy trial, impartial jury, plea bargains, attorney
    • 7TH AMEND
      • Law rights
    • 8TH AMEND
      • Bail bonds, controversy over lethal injection and execution
    • 9TH AMEND
      • Common-law and natural rights
    • 10TH AMEND
      • Allows states to guarantee rights and liberties.
      • Right to be free of gov intrusion in our personal lives, sexual privacy in same-sex and abortion, privacy of comms


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