Chapter 4 Wuthering heights

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  • Chapter 4
    • Nelly's narrative
      • Nelly assumes the role of primary narrator
      • She gives us an insight into Heathcliff's childhood and the Earnshaw family
      • We now get Nelly's first person recount.
      • Biased
      • Nelly admits that she also didn't like Heathcliff; "Hindley hated him, and to say the truth I did the same"
    • Heathcliff's childhood
      • In Chapter 4 we are firstly given an insight into Heathcliff's childhood and how he came about living at Wuthering Heights.
      • We learn that Heathcliff was picked up off the streets of Liverpool by Mr. Earnshaw.
      • "a dirty, ragged, black-haired child"
      • He was expected into the Earnshaw family by Catherine but not Hindley.
    • Heathcliff and Catherine's relationship
      • Catherine neglects Heathcliff like Hindley does at first: "spitting at the stupid little thing"
      • "Miss Cathy and he were now very thick"
    • Heathcliff's description
      • "imp of Satan"
      • "gipsy"
      • "uncomplaining as a lamb"


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