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Must be able to
identify the
supernatural in
Wuthering Heights.
Should be able to
compare the
supernatural and the
ordinary in Wuthering
heights.…read more

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What is
Task 1:
In pairs use the boards to
write down things associated
with the supernatural.…read more

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The Supernatural
Supernatural is anything out of the
ordinary that defies the laws of
E.g. ghosts would be considered
as supernatural as they are out of
the ordinary and defy nature.…read more

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Key supernatural features in
Cathy's Ghost in Chapter 3
Heathcliff and how he is
referred to as supernatural
being such as a "ghoul" and
The Concept of love beyond
the grave…read more

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interview with the
queen of Goth herself
Ms Emily
Bronte!!!!!!!!!!…read more

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