Wuthering Heights Structure

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  • Wuthering Heights structure
    • Chinese box structure
      • Dual narrative
        • Nelly
          • More bias
            • Retells the majority of the story
              • Feminist reading: Nelly as a female has power over the reader giving us only her perspective
                • Rely on her for the main narrative
          • Past tense
            • Anachrony
    • Original Volume structure
      • Bronte initially wrote WH in 2 volumes
        • Vol 1 chapters 1-14
          • Focus on Hc's rise to power
            • Social mobility
        • Vol 2 chapters 15-34
          • Focus on Hc vengeance & consequences of his actions
            • Begins with Cathy's death
              • Loses all his love & compassion only motive of revenge remains
    • Place
      • allows for structural transition - turning points
        • Example: Heathcliff gains wealth once he leaves the heights
        • Cathy & Heathcliff's relationship grows on the moors as it aids their escape from society
        • Chapter 7: Cathy comes back from the Grange
          • Being away from the heights & at the grange has changed her female identity
            • Fits victorian ideals
              • Restricting her true personality
                • Heathcliff changes his identity to be accepted by Cathy (chapt 10)
                • Both are unhappy and die without each other
                  • Marxist reading: acts as a warning against Victorian society
                  • Heathcliff changes his identity to be accepted by Cathy (chapt 10)
    • Anachrony
    • Chronology
      • Time interrupted by narrators
      • Symmetry
        • Hc & Cathy
          • Edgar & Isabella
            • Edgar jealous of Hc relationship/ bond with Cathy
            • Isabella jealous of Cathy's relationship/ bond with Hc


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