A tale that challenges notions of the good and evil

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A tale that challenges notions of the good and evil


  • Looking at the setting within the novel may be more fitting than looking at the characters. Seeing Wuthering Heights as evil and Thrushcross Grange as good? Isolation Vs Society/civilisation?
  • Heathcliff is referred to as the "devil" and the "imp of Satan" is he the 'evil' in relation to religion and Christianity?


  • I don't think Heathcliff can be seen as good or evil, I think he is more of a character who needs to overcome the obsessive love and jealousy which he has for Catherine and other characters in the novel.
  • Catherine can also not be seen as the good as she rejects Heathcliff merely because he does not have the money to fund the lifestyle she requires and therefore chooses wealth over who she actually loves.


The doppelgangers and dualities in Wuthering Height's create contrasts throughout however I do not feel like there is a definite feel of 'good and evil' in the novel, and all the characters have good and bad traits. However if referring to the setting of Wuthering Heights instead of the characters individually it would be easier to place Wuthering Heights as the evil and Thrushcross Grange as the good.


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