Chapter 16-A Thousand Splendid Suns

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  • Chapter 16-A Thousand Splendid Suns
    • Begins in 1987 in Kabul with nine-year old Laila waking up.
      • She is missing her best friend Tariq.
    • Introduction of Laila's parents Fariba and Hakim.
      • Contrasting gender roles. Fariba is dominant and Hakim is mousy and weak.
      • Fariba is angry at Hakim for letting Ahmad and Noor go to war.
      • Even though Laila's family prefer a modern way of life, they are not poor. This is suggested to the reader when Hakim leaves on the bike.
      • Hakim's loss of job as a university teacher.
    • Hosseini creates parallels between Laila and Mariam.
      • In Mariam's marriage Rasheed is domiant but in the marriage between Hakim and Fariba-she is dominant.
      • Contrasts between Laila and Mariam.
        • Laila has an education.
          • Khala Rangmaal forces ideas of the Soviet Union onto her students.
        • Her father treasures and cares for Laila even though she is a female.
    • We see a Herat car outside Mariam's house.
      • This is Jalil visiting Mariam. Laila notices it both when she leaves for school and when she returns, illustrating that Jalil waited all day.


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