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The Great Gatsby



The decade following the First World War in America has become
popularly known as the Jazz Age. Jazz music set exalted standards
in terms of musicianship during the 1920s, especially in the soloing
of trumpeter Louis Armstrong (1901-71)…

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The Great Gatsby

The population of America more or less doubled in the half-century
before The Great Gatsby was published. The nation had to face the
problem of how to meet the basic requirements of this growing
population, and one solution came in the development of mass production
techniques in…

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The Great Gatsby

mansion and the parties are strategies of marketing. He rises above
the marketplace of his time in the sense that he is creating a unique
product, intended not for mass consumption, but for Daisy Fay.

The term 'conspicuous consumption' was coined by a social

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The Great Gatsby

but to a large extent it had the opposite effect. In practice it was
difficult to enforce and it was not difficult for drinkers to find
alcohol, as F. Scott Fitzgerald's novel makes very clear. In 1925 there
were apparently one hundred thousand speakeasies, as unlawful

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The Great Gatsby

due to immigration from southern and eastern Europe, and the
continuing flow of black Americans from the South, where their
families had formerly been held in slavery, caused rapid and highly
visible expansion of urban areas. The anonymity fostered by city
living, where a citizen is just…

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The Great Gatsby

played a key part in cultivating contemporary America's fascination
with the glamorous image, encountered in newspapers, magazines
and advertisements.

Photography provides a recurrent motif in The Great Gatsby.
The thematic significance of the photograph is that it appears to
freeze time, and frames an experience which is…

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The Great Gatsby

support for his own aspirations.

Joseph Conrad's preface opens with the assertion that any literary
work that claims the status of art should carry its justification in
every line; there should be no word or phrase that does not
contribute to the overall meaning of the work.…

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The Great Gatsby

a combination of reticence and desire that leaves them
painfully inactive, wanting to make a move but unable to do
so. Nick, like Prufrock, panics at the prospect of growing old,
and they share the sense that they were not meant to be central
players upon lifes…


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