Changing Childhood

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  • Changing Childhood
    • Shorter - Childhood and the modern family
      • Links the development of childhood to motherhood.
      • 17th century mothers didn't care for their children.
      • 18th century - romantic love developed towards children.
      • 20th century being a good mother was deemed as being very important.
      • Changing ideas are largely responsible for the development of childhood.
    • Other explanations
      • Postman - changes in childhood because of a technological change.
        • Development of the printing press led to the separation of adults and children due to extensive learning of how to read.
        • Pilcher disagrees and says there is more than one change - employment legislation.
          • 19th Century Factory Acts - banned children from working in factories.
    • Childhood and modernity
      • Jenks -  Shift from Dionysian image of the child to the Apollonian image.
        • Dionysian image refers to children being able to do what they like which can lead to them acting in evil ways.
        • Apollonian image based on the ideas of the Rousseau.
          • Children born good and resulted in child centered education.
    • Childhood and postmodernity
      • Class solidarity has broken down and therefore children have become the final source of primary relationships.
        • Fulfilling and unconditional.
      • Parent-child bond is now seen as the most important in society.
      • Through post modernity child protection has become very important.


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