The future of childhood

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  • The future of childhood
    • The disappearance of childhood
      • •Postman (1994) – childhood is disappearing at a dazzling speed:  •Similarity in clothing  •Same rights as adults  
        • Reason: the  information hierarchy - e.g. the media - can't protect children from seeing adulthood anymore.
        • Evaluation
    • Childhood in post-modernity
      • •Jenks (2005): childhood is changing but not disappearing –Childhood a creation of modern society –Concerned with futurity and preparation to become productive adult –Children needed to be nurtured by child-centred family achieve this –In postmodernity family is more unstable and insecure –Relationship with child becomes most stable part of identity and leads to over-protection –Even more separate from adults than before
        • Evaluation
          • •Some evidence that parents see relationships with children as more important that with partners, and that parents are more worried about risks children face, but only from small unrepresentative studies.
          • •Jenks overgeneralises and ignores the rich diversity of family life today. Not all children are in the same position.


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