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  • Childhood
    • Childhood
      • Separatedness
        • Pilcher
          • childhood is very distinctive, very precious time
      • Aries
        • Childhood is a relatively recent invention
      • Pre Industrial Society
        • did not exist, were little adults, toys and games did not exist, children were economic assets, punished for crimes in the same way as adults
        • Schooling
          • was only for adults, headed by the church, socialise children into religion
      • 20th Century
        • child centredness aka the cult of childhood
    • Why and How has childhood changed?
      • abolishment of child labour
      • compulsory schooling
      • child protection and welfare legislations
      • increase in children's rights
      • declining family size and infant mortality
      • child development was medical knowledge
      • laws and policies specifically for children
    • The Future of Childhood
      • The Disappearance of Childhood
        • Childhood is Disappearing
          • Postman
            • 'disappearing at dazzling speed'
            • children have the same rights as adults, disappearance of tradtional games, growing similarity of adult and children's clothing, committing crimes
          • The Primary Review
            • parents are no longer able to manage range of info, images and values their children are exposed to due to media
          • Technological Change
          • Pocket Money-Cunningham
          • Margot-Sexualisation of Childhood
        • Childhood is NOT Disappearing
          • Opie
            • existence of nursery rhymes, games is strong evidence
          • Brooks
            • cotton wool society-parents are taking more control over their children's lives, helicopter parenting


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