Changes in the Rural Urban Fringe

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  • Changed in the Rural-Urban Fringe
    • What is the rural-urban fringe?
      • Countryside immediately surrounding towns and cities
      • Many rural-urban fringes are designated green belts -> protected -> controlling new developments
    • Problems
      • seen as an attractive location for businesses, parks, airports and high cost homes
      • Pressure for development include the need for improved transport networks, landfill sites and sewage works
      • 500,000 homes  needed in the next 25 years which will involve expanding urban areas
      • Open countryside in the rural-urban fringe area is frequently degraded
    • Policies for sustainable development
      • Creation of country parks which are seen as relatively undamaged
      • Planting Woodland - improve local landscapes
    • Why is the rural-urban fringe attractive?
      • Beliefs that derelict unkept lands have advantages when it comes to gaining planning permission
      • Land values high due to speculation regarding potential for future development


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