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  • Challenges
    • Workplace diversity
      • age, education, ethnicity, gender, marital status, sexual orientation
      • Helping people to accept everyone in a business
      • A mixture of talents can lead to business opportunities being responded to more creatively
      • Thinking globally and acting locally, being responsive to culture and adapting any social requirements
    • Change management
      • Ability to cope with their and other changing roles in corporate society
      • The overlapping of responsibilities
      • Changes in technology can reduce jobs
      • Helping overcome resistance, convincing about the bigger picture
        • Providing leadership and motivations
        • Stability for people and systems
    • compensation and benefits
      • With slow economy and less corporate well to work with, becomes a bigger issue
      • Providing non-monetary morale boosting incentives
        • make changes appear less traumatic
      • What rewards are best for employees to motivate them further
    • Recruiting and Retention
      • Rising employment often creates a flood of under qualified workers
      • Recruiting the wrong person for the job
      • Focusing on maintaining well performing staff in the company
        • Problem if more are leaving to those applying for a job
    • Training and Development
      • Training is often first to be lost when costs are being cut
      • Employees under performing, lack of knowledge or care for job perhaps


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