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  • What do they do?
    • Number 1
      • Mishandling and the bad analysis of a problem creates multiple porblmes
        • BUT with the 'smart HR folks get[ing] down and dirty, they uncover the problems and face them head on'
          • 'Bad habits are integrated quickly into workforce DNA and thats why [they] nip that mess in the bud!'
    • Number 2
      • Stay connected!
        • To build relationships
        • Engage better with employees and managers
        • Gain unique perspective on any problems
        • Connecting with everyone on personal basis
        • Connected to people both internally and externally
    • Number 3
      • Just because it is going well, can it be better?
        • What is the next step?
          • Next with technology
          • Next training programme
          • Next talent acquisition
    • Number 4
      • BE HUMAN
        • And show compassion
          • 'Humanizing can be creating a policy to drive engagement and boost morale'
            • or 'can be as simple as taking the time to interact and collaborate with employees'
          • So you can understand them better and build a relationship
    • Number 5
      • ''pros dont rely on "gut feelings" and "common sense"
        • 'they connect all the processes back to the mission and vision statements'
      • Its not about knowing the answers, but how to use them reliably and resourcefully


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