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  • Chaitén (Chile-May 08)
    • Plate Tectonics
      • Nazca plate subducted under SA plate. Southern end dips at angle, northen end flat slab (oceanic under low angle)
    • Nature
      • Infrequent. last active 9,400 years ago.
      • ash cloud 17km high, high plinian eruption. VEI 4
    • Vulnerability
      • low population density. chile vulnerable to earthquakes because of tectonics. regular passing storms mixed with ash cloud.
    • Capacity to cope
      • 20 volcanoes. 7 assessed, 7 monitored classified low threat. low pop density meant no management.
      • no real time monitoring until USGS arrived 15 days after. Predic,Prep,Preven were poor.
    • Impact
      • inundating Chaitén with lahars and ash. disrupted travel, agriculture, countries.
      • 4,000 lived there - 10km from site. evacuation by boat,
      • parts of Argentina had schools,highways,airports shut down. led to health problems
      • Lahars cut communications, ash 15cm deep, blocked rivers, contaminated water. ONE DEATH BY STRESS! major impact farming 20-30% completely destroyed.
    • Response
      • 5000 people evacuated planned to relocate entirely.
      • Told to avoid water, given face masks, 50km exclusion around town,
      • monthly disaster plan $1200 & 22000 per month per family. aid also to business 90 freeze on loans
      • Long term - Chile'#s geological survey new program for monitoring for 43 volcanoes. include early warning


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