Cells Tissues and Organ Mindmap

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  • Cells Tissues and Organisms.
    • Animal and Plant cells.
      • Nucleus- controls cell activities.
      • Cytoplasm- Jelly like substance where chemircal reactions take palce
      • Mitochondria is where energy is released during aerobic respiration.
      • Cell Membrane- Controls the movement of what enters and leaves the cell.
    • Bacteria and Yeast
      • Bacteria are very small and can only be seen with a microscope
      • Bacterial cells have a cell membrane and a cell wall which surrounds cytoplasm.
      • Bacteria do not have a nucleus so the genetic material is in the cytoplasm.
      • Yeast is a single celled organism they have a nucleus cytoplasm and membrane surrounded by a cell wall
    • Specialised Cells
      • As an organism matures each cell develops into a particular type.
      • If a cell has many mitochondria it must need a lot of energy muscle cell sperm cell.
      • If a cell has many Ribosomes it is making a lot of protein gland cells.
      • Neurons are  specialised to carry impulses from receptors to the CNS.
    • Diffusion
      • Spreading out of particles from areas of high concentration to low concentration
      • The difference in between the two areas is called a concentration gradient
      • Examples: Diffusion of oxygen into cells of the body, from the blood stream as the cells are respiring.
    • Tissues and Orgnas
      • Muscle Tissue- contracts and brings about movement
      • Glandular Tissue- produces substances such as enzymes and hormones.
      • Epithelial Tissue- Covers some parts of the  body
      • In plants there are xylem and phloem which transport minerals.


Lorran payne


This is really useful. You should make some more x



This Mind map has a good use of colour to separate the key ideas. Try downloading it and adding some little images or diagrams to aid memory. This would be useful for most GCSE Biology specifications. 



This is really useful but it is a shame that in this layout some of the boxes or 'bubbles' overlap so it looks un-neat and untidy



really helpful



really helpful!

Becky Langley


This is so useful and amazing. Have you made anymore?

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