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  • Stem Cells
    • Uses
      • Stem Cell Treatments
        • Replace damaged cells that cause diseases
          • E.g. Diabetes
      • Plant Cloning
        • Produce crops commercially and cheaply in short period of time
        • Produce disease resistant plants
        • Cuttings
          • Cut branch off plant & remove lower leaves
            • Plant stem in damp compost
              • Plant hormones used to help stimulate development of new roots
                • New plant grows
        • Help protect rare plants/plants with special properties
      • Therapeutic Cloning
        • Process that produces embryo with same genes as patient
          • Stem cells taken from embryo have same DNA as patient
            • Patient won't reject stem cells or body cells made from stem cells
    • Location
      • Plant Meristems
        • Where plant stem cells are located
          • Can differentiate into all types of plant cell throughout plant's life
            • Allows plants to continue growing all their lives
      • Embryos
        • Produce all types of cell that would make up an organism
          • Embryonic stem cells can differentiate into most cell types
      • Bone Marrow
        • Where stem cells in human adults are created
          • Differentiate into fewer cell types than embryonic stem cells
            • Used to replace dying cells & damaged tissues
    • Disadvantage Embryonic Stem Cells
      • Viral Infections
        • Risk that stem cell transplanting could transfer viral infections
      • Ethical Issues
        • People believe that life begins at conception
          • View embryo as alive
            • View use of stem cells as 'killing' the embryo
    • Definition
      • Undifferentiated cells that can differentiate to perform a specific function in the body


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