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  • cells
    • nuclues
      • contains genetic material, which controls the activities of the cell
    • cytoplasm
      • most chemical reaction happen here
    • cell membrane
      • controls the movement of substances into and out of the cell
    • mitrochondria
      • most energy is released by respiration here
    • ribosomes
      • protein synthesis happens here
    • cell wall
      • strengthens the cell
    • chloroplasts
      • contains chlorophyll
    • permanent vacuole
      • filled with cell sap to help the cell
    • chromosomes
      • the human body has 46 chromosome 23 pairs
    • mitosis
      • when new cells have to be produced they must identical to the parent cell. when the parent cell divides into 2 daughter cells it is called mitosis
    • Cancer
      • benign- slow growing easy to remove not cancerous and rarely spread
      • malignant- grows faster can spread easily can spread rapidly
    • prokaryotic cells
      • small cells their DNA is not enclosed in a nucleus
    • Stem cells
      • they are found in the developing embryo
      • transplanting stem cells could help people with spinal injuries cancer and alzheimer's
    • therapeutic cloning
      • the idea is to produce stem cells with the same genes as the patient then have a nuclear transfer. the nucleus from the patient is then transferred to an egg cell that has had it's nucleus removed
    • aerobic respiration
      • is respiration using oxygen. it takes place in animal and plant cells
    • respiration
      • is the continuously occurring process used by all organisms s to release the energy they need from their food
    • anaerobic respiration
      • is respiration without oxygen this occurs in yeast and cytoplasm of cells


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