Celebrity Worship

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  • Celebrity Worship
    • McCutcheon (2002) 3 stages of CW
      • Low Worship: individualistic behaviours e.g. watching and reading about them
      • Slightly Higher Level: celebrity worship takes a social character
      • Highest Level: characterised by a mix of empathy with celeb's successes and failures, over identification, compulsive behaviours, obsession for details of celebs life
      • Model is based on psychological absorption and addiction
    • Fan motivation (two groups)
      • Mild forms e.g. fan clubs
      • Extreme expressions e.g. erotomania, stalking and inappropriate correspondence with celebrities
    • Celebrity Worship Syndrome
      • an obsessive-addictive disorder where an individual becomes overly involved and interested with the details of the personal life of a celebrity. 
      • Maltby's three independent dimensions of CW
        • entertainment-social
          • People who worshipped celebrities for entertainment and social reasons were more optimistic, outgoing, and happy. 
        • intense-personal
          • Those who worshipped celebrities for personal reasons or were more obsessive were more depressed, more anxious, more solitary, more impulsive, more anti-social and more troublesome.
        • borderline pathological
        • found a correlation between the pathological aspects of CWS and poor mental health in UK participants 


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