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an observational research in which participants are conscious that they are under observation
overt observation
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one- sided interpersonal relationship with a celebrity
para social relationship
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a supporter of a cause who has an emotional allegiance towards such cause
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payment per number of site user clicks
pay per click agreements
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the manner in which a child convinces a parent to buy a product
pester power
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surveys measuring the attitude of the general public
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sexually explicit materials
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the media seek to influence
primary audience
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presentation of information that causes a readiness in processing subsequent information
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websites intended for anorexia sufferers
pro Ana sites
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the extent of product integration in the media
product integration
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inclusion of branded goods in the media but not recognised as an advert
product placement
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an individual's information file that he wants to reveal to others
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propagating specific doctrines through an organised movement
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personality, attitudes, interests
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organised movement to prevent health and illness of public members
public health
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to not publish a study which results are contrary to existing findings
publication bias
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the giving of opinion by an expert on a subject
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research methods which use open ended questions and observational studies among other methods
qualitative methods
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research methods that use experiments and statistical analysis
quantitative methods
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a distinguishable group by physical characteristics
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prejudicial beliefs justifying sexual violence
**** myths
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proportion of the community that can receive media message exposure
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extent to which the media upset the consumer
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extent to which a piece of information is memorable
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selection of participants in research
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stereotypical depiction of a sassy bitchy evil and stubborn black woman
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cognitive templates for guiding behaviour
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an online virtual world where members create avatars of themselves and interact
second life
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dividing target audience into smaller homogeneous groups
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tendency to give attention to information that adheres to own existing beliefs
selectivity bias
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to reveal information about personal self in online social communication
self- disclosure
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belief in the ability to achieve a goal or behaviour
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act if revealing or not revealing personal information
self revelatory behaviour
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this happens when a return favour or assistance is expected at a later date after an assistance is given
social capital
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one- sided interpersonal relationship with a celebrity

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