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  • Cavour
    • Who?
      • PM of Piedmont 1852
      • Under Cavour Peidmonts economy flourished
        • Industries flourished
        • Imports and exports almost quadrupled
        • Trade treaties negotiated with Britain, France, Austria, Portugal, Belgium
      • Ineperienced with foreign affairs and called it rubbish
    • Crimean War
      • joined Crimean war - against Russia - to create friendhsip with Britian and France - he also wanted a seat at the Paris Peace Conference
        • acheived his aim of getting a seat
          • he was unable to negotiate on equal terms with great powers
          • made acquaintance with Napoleon III
      • Cavour believed that the Crimean War would prevent revolution and would increase world reputation
      • Britain and France had also put pressure on Cavour to join the war as Piedmontese troops would be useful
        • They also wanted Austria to join the war - if Italy was to fight for the same side as Austria Austria would join knowing that Italy would not interfere with Lombardy
    • Napoleon III
      • Orsini Affair: Orsini attempted to assasinate Napoleon hoping that a new emperor would come to throne and help Italy. He then wrote a letter pleading Nap to help unify Italy.
      • Plombieres Meeting
        • Secret meeting organised by Napoleon III - Cavour only told VE and one other leader.
        • Napoleon agreed to help Italy in a war against Austria as long as it was not provoked by Italy themselves
        • They decided an Austria free Italy would consist of: Kingfom og upper Italy based on Piedmont, Rome and surrounding area: Pope, Papale States and Tuscany: Central Italy, Naples and Sicily would be untouched. The Four italian states would make a federation with the Pope as the president
      • Motives
        • did not have the stomach for war
        • Austrian forces were defeated but had returnedto a safe quadrilateral which soldiers had no chance of breaching
        • Began to get crtical and wary of cavour beleiveing he had set out to get more land than was agreed at plombieres
    • War with Austria
      • Events
        • Choatic start to war - French troops arrived with no equipment
        • Battles of Magenta and Solferino
          • Very violent, bloody, carnage, medical supplies didn't arrive until after the war was over. French lost 12,000 troops and Austrians even more,
      • Villafranca
        • Napoleon called for meeting with Austria - informed VE who approved without asking Cavour
        • Piedmont would receive Lombardy but would be ceded to France first before going yo ITaly. The Rulers of Tuscany, Modena and Parma would be restored to their duchies (although this never hapened) Austria would keep venetia and therefore remain a powerful influnee Italy
          • Peace treaty created with agreemeont that:
      • Consequences
        • Cavour resigned, he felt badly let down and disliked that Austria still had Venetia and was appalled by agreements for Toscany Modena and Parma
          • Only out of office for 9 months
        • Tuscany voted for Unification with Piemont, Trwaty of Zurich 1859: Lombardy was officially given to Piedmont by France, Tuscany and Emilia (modena and Parma): population voted for unification, Treaty of Turin: Cavour needed to reinstate relations with Napoleon so gave Savoy and Nice to France - and they voted in agreement


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