Case study: China's south- North Transfer Project

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  • Case study: China's south- North Transfer Project
    • Project began in 2003 and involves building 3 canals to run across the eastern, middle and western parts of Chin and link the country's  main rivers
    • Benefits
      • Transfer 44.8 billion m3 per year
      • Central government to pay 60% of the cost
      • Water conservation, improved irrigation, pollution treatments and environmental project
      • Will supply big cities like Beijing
    • Costs
      • Significant ecological and environmental impacts along the waterways
      • Resettlement of people will be needed
      • Declining water quality
      • will cost $ 62 billion
      • will takes 50 years to complete
    • Restoration
      • At a local scale this can involve restoring meanders, replanting vegetation and using sustainable methods to manage water courses for people and the environment


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