Alternative strategies for managing future water supplies

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  • Alternative strategies for managing water supplies in the future
    • Hard Engineering projects to increase water shortage and transfer
    • Case Study: China's Three Gorges Dam
      • Yangtze River and is the world's largest hydroelectric scheme
      • Benefits
        • 18,000MW of electricity generated
        • Will supply water to the region responsible for 22% of China's GDP
        • Flood protection will save lives and cut financial loses
        • Navigational improvements could open up China's interior to development
      • Costs
        • Dammed waters will drown 100,000 hectares
        • 1.9 million people will be displaced
        • Pollution increases as abandoned mines and factories are flooded
        • Dam failure, earthquakes and heavy rain cause serious issues
        • Ecological impacts on fishing and habitats
    • Case Study: China's South-North Transfer Project
      • Project began in 2003 and involves building 3 canals run across the eastern, middle and western parts of China and link 4 main rivers
      • Benefits
        • Transfer 44.8 billion m3 per year
        • Central government to pay 60% of the cost
        • Water conservation, improved irrigation, pollution treatment and environmental project
        • Will supply big cities like Beijing
      • Costs
        • Significant ecological and environmental impacts along the waterways
        • Resettlement of people will be needed
        • Declining water quality
        • Will cost $62 billion
        • Will take 50 years to complete


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