Case Study 7 - Causes/effects to Hurricane Katrina

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  • Case Study 7: Causes and Effects of extreme weather events
    • Hurricane Katrina
      • Category 4 storm, swept through South US coast, wind speeds of 170mph
      • Storm surges reached over 6m tall
      • New Orleans was worst hit, because it lies below sea level
        • Flordia
        • Louisiana
        • Mississipi
        • Alabama
        • Worst affected in NEW ORLEANS
        • US$50 bill donated by government
        • Slow process which was criticized
          • Emergency services were poor and took too much time
        • UK gov sent food aid during early stages of recovery
        • 10k people injured
        • Damage included houses and bridges destroyed
      • People stayed in Superdome stadium - conditions were poor
      • Occured Aug 23-30, 2005
    • Cyclone Nargis


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