Cardiovascular System

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  • Cardiovascular System
    • The Cardiac Cycle
      • a sequence of events that make up one heart beat and lasts for approximately 0.8 seconds
    • Diastole
      • the heart releases for 0.5 seconds during which time the following occurs.
        • the atria fills with blood while the atrioventricular valves are closed
          • the atrioventricular valves are pushed ope as atrial pressures rises, blood begins to fill the ventricles. The semi-lunar valves are closed
    • Systole
      • contraction occurs lasting approximately 0.3 seconds. Atrial systole is followed by ventricular systole
    • Atrial Systole
      • the atria contracts forcing all the blood past the atrioventricular valves into the ventricles. The semi lunar valves are closed
    • Ventricular Systole
      • the atrioventricular valves remain closed, pressure inside the ventricles continues to rise. The ventricles continue to contract, until the increased pressure pushes open the semi-lunar valves. As a result blood flows into the pulmonary and systemic circulatory systems


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