CAM processes for product manufacture

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  • CAM processes for product manufacture
    • Highly specialised machines
      • Used to carry out identical operations which need to be repeated many times. These include: automatic dart sewers, buttonholers, automatic patch pocket setters, pocket flap sewing machines, hemmers, seam sewers
    • Automatic Conveyor system
      • Usually runs overhead to deliver the work to the operators as it is required.
      • There is a small terminal at each workstation on the assembly line that the operator uses to monitor work in progress and record any problems, e.g. thread breaking or a machine fault
      • The central computer records all the data from all machines, keeping track of work in progress and motivating the workforce as they can monitor their own productivity and earnings
    • Finished products are pressed before leaving the factory
      • A steam dolly is a specialist-pressing machine used for skirts, trousers and dresses.
      • Computers can also control pressing of completed garments.
    • Modern storage and carrier systems
      • Garments are stored and transported on hangers and moveable rails so that they arrive at the shop ready for display.
      • Have revolutionised the way in which garments are stored and transported
    • Barcode system
      • Manufacturers now largely do the ticketing and tagging of products, not the retailers.
      • The barcode system used in large stores, records which items are selling and can help decide when and how many to re-order from the manufacturer
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    • Computerised Pattern design systems
      • Can design pattern pieces, grade them for different sizes, produce economical lay plans used for automated cutting and stimulate the finish product.
    • Computer controlled machines
      • Used to produce logos and embroidery. The design will be made on a computer programme and coloured patterns can be made


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