A2 Section C - Industrial and Commercial Practice

What does EDP stand for?
Electronic Data Processing
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What does EDI stand for?
Electronic Data Interchange (e.g. barcodes)
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What does CAA stand for?
Computer Aided Administration
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What does CAD stand for?
Computer Aided Design
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What does CAM stand for?
Computer Aided Manufacture
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What does PPC stand for?
Production, Planning and Control
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What is PPC Networking?
This system is concerned with planning and controlling all aspects of manufacturing. Highly reliant on ICT.
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What is EDI?
The transfer of structured data by agreed message standards from one computer to another.
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What are the 3 requirements for EDI?
A message standard between both computers, translation software, a method or transmitting data.
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Give 3 examples of how CAD is used.
Making virtual prototypes, showing costs, experimenting with colour & texture, designing repeats for prints, providing a database of images, presentation boards, developing templates
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How are initial ideas usually shown?
Presentation boards, with sketches, fabrics and components
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How are computers used to develop design ideas?
Experiment with colour and pattern, creating 3D models of garments
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What is CAM?
Production processes which are done by computer controlled machines.
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What is an automatic conveyor system?
A system that runs overhead to deliver work as it is required. There are small terminals at each work station from which operators can monitor work and report problems.
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When is CAM used? Give 2 examples.
High volume fabric manufacture, high volume/continuous production of fibres and yarns, batch & high volume product manufacture, fast repeatable processes
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What does CIM stand for?
Computer Integrated Manufacture
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What does CIM do?
Integrates the use of all the different functions of computers to enable fast, efficient and cost effective textiles
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What is the benefit of using CIM?
Reduces time to market and enables manufacturers to use just in time production.
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What does EDI stand for?


Electronic Data Interchange (e.g. barcodes)

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What does CAA stand for?


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What does CAD stand for?


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What does CAM stand for?


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