Computer technology

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  • the development of CAD in textile, garment and product design has had a far reaching impact on the efficiency of design
  • modern cad systems provide the opportunity to communicate design ideas fasrter and better than ever before
  • can be used from creative design and styling right through to preparation of flat pattern markers and cutting instructions
  • recent technology allows the creation of 3D virtual products


  • involves the use of computing to control manufacturing equipment making it easier and quicker to produce cost-effective, one off, batch produced and high volume textile products
  • used mainly in high volume and continuous production of fibres/yarns
  • high volume woven, knitted and printed fabric manufacture
  • batch and high volume product manufacture using CAD systems for flat pattern and marker making, fabric cutting, planning, material handling
  • its flexible for quick responses with the ability to adapt stitch sequences and machine settings for small orders
  • semi-automotion for the high volume production of a few basic sub assembly…


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