The State of the Nation in 1865

I feel sorry for anyone who choices to study from this, lol. Messy notes but I tried to generally sumarize what Britain was like by this point in History in terms of  polictics.

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  • Britain in 1865
    • 1832 opened up enfranchisement for a small amount of people. (Upper MC)
      • Only 1 in 6 men could vote
      • No secret ballot
      • No salary for MPs
        • If salaries were provided, it'd encourage/mean average, non-affluent people could become an  MP
      • Chartism
      • Whig government wanted to reflect Britain's new industrial landscape, not give working class men the vote
        • Continued to believe that the Landed Aristocracy preserved stability + social order
          • Though the RA meant that the LA now had to share power with the MC
            • More and more of whom became MPS
              • Voted Whigs'as thanks'
    • Country ran according to constitutional monarchy lines
      • Social order theory idea
    • Liberal Party formed in 1859 out of the desire to topple Conservatives and had a wide political spectrum
      • Within weeks Conseratives minority goverment toppled and Palmerston took office and Gladdstone as Chancellor
        • By 1865 Conservatives were now fronted by Disraeli
    • A civil service was developing by this time and with it the understanding that the Government was going to have to do more for the people
    • Tories renamed 'Conservatives'' under Peel to give them  a more electable face
      • Under Peel (1841-46) Britain moved more towards free trade than protection of tarrifs


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