Was the period from 1865 to 1877 a turning point?

Was reconstruction a turning point?

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  • 1865-77
    • Reconstruction policies from Radical Republicans in congress
      • President Johnson wanted to join back with the southern states - Presidential reconstruction
      • Radical republicans said that everyone had the right (including former slaves) to have an american dream. This was called congressional reconstruction
    • Freedmen's Bureau1865
      • Support of free slaves. It helped them find homes and employment, provided food, medical care and eduation and allotted land. ALSO EMPLOYMENT
    • 1866 and 1870 Civil Rights Act
      • 1866 - insured that all races except Native Americans were citizens.
      • 1870 KKK act
      • 1875 act which said there would not be segregation was not passed.
    • 14th Amendment
      • Gave all feed back US citizenship and equal protection under the law.
    • 15th Amendment 1870
      • The fifteenth Amendment forbade the denial of the vote to anyman on the basis of colour, race or previous conditions of servitude.
    • Enforcement Acts
      • The firest two of these acts protected black voters from intimidation: 1st protected African Americans from intimidation; 2nd authorised federal supervision of elections in the south. The third stopped the KKK from intimidating people.
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    • Hiram Revels in Senate
      • First African American to serve in Senate
    • Formation KKK
    • 1860s Black Codes
      • Meant that African Americans were not able to vote, serve on a jury, give evidence against a white american, carry arms or marry a white american. This was introduced by many southern states.
    • Slaughterhouse decision
      • It said that the 14th Amendment protected an individual's national rights but did not protect the civil rights that he or she derived from state citizenship. It destroyed the effectiveness of the amendment to protect the individial from the racist actions of the state authority.


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