Odyssey Book 10

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  • Book 10
    • Flow Chart
      • they first arrive at the floating island of Aeolia where the King is Aeolus. Aeolus welcomes them and gives them many gifts. these include the a bag of winds which has all the winds of the Gods if they ever get trapped anywhere because there is no wind. However, O's men are greedy a believe the bag contains gold. On their way back O does all the steering and as they reach Ithaca he falls asleep. The men open the bag of winds and it blows them all the way back to Aeolia. They go to King Aeolus again asking for helping but Aeolus believes they are cursed and sends them away.
        • they next come to the land of the Laes-trygonians where O there is a welcoming harbour. The other ships draw into this harbour but O puts his ship outside the harbour as believes the harbour is a trap. A landing party goes in and follows a trodden path. The find a large girl drawing water from a well. She takes to a palace where the find the monstrous wife of Antiphates. She calls for her husband who immediately grabs out to eat the men. They are chased down the harbour and all the people of the island try to eat the men. O, as he is outside harbour, unties his ship and sets sail.
          • they arrive next to the land of Circe, Aeaea, hear the land on the shore and a ram charges towards them. O kills the ram and provides food for his men. He then goes round and gives them kind words to cheer them up. The next morning they split into two teams on lead by Eurylochus and the other by O. They draw lots from a helmet see which team will venture in land. Eurylochus' team head off. The come to the palace of Circe which is surrounded by friendly dogs that bay at them. Inside the palace they a hear beautiful voice. Eurylochus believes it is a trap so stays outside whereas the other men go inside.
            • they are greeted by Circe she gives them food, a seat and water to wash themselves. Inside the food she put a potion that turns them into pigs. She guides them out to the pig sty where she feeds them acorns and berries. Eurylochus comes back to O and repeated how he stayed outside and how none of the men have come back out. O goes to Circe's palace alone, he is met by Hermes who gives him direct instructions.
              • 1. when you see the goddess you must rush at her with your sword as though you mean to attack her
                • 2. make her swear a solemn oath never to drug or curse anyone again
                  • 3. you must go with her to her bed and give in to her favours
    • themes
      • Law of Xenia
        • Circe perverts the law of Xenia. She makes out that she is abiding by it but then turns the men into pigs and feeds them like pigs
          • after making her oath she abides by Xenia
        • King Aeolus does Xenia well however when O comes back her fears he is cursed so sends him away - shows he is civilised as is God-fearing
        • the Laestry-gonians pervert Xenia eating the men instead of giving them food
      • O as a leader
        • O is a bad leader in the first adventure as he takes on too much responsibility and falls asleep
          • his men are a bad crew as distrust him
        • he is a bad leader in the 2nd adventures as lets all the other men sail into the harbour without warning them he thinks it is a trap
        • he is a good leader as goes back to rescue his men, captures food for them
          • but he is a bad leader as doesn't leave for a year - his sense of Nostos is banished - reverse situation of Lotus eaters
      • civilisation
        • they think the Laestrygonians and civilised - well trodden path - water well - however they are monsters
      • divine intervention
        • Hermes comes to help O when he is going to Circe's palace and gives him instructions of how to beat her
        • a God prevents O from entering the harbour to save him
        • a stag is placed in front of O for him and his men
    • techniques
      • Homer uses some rising as a symbol of life. We see this on the C's island, L's island and Aeaea
        • this now acts as a warning sign to O's men
      • looms are used again to show women - shows Circe weaving
      • epic similes
        • 'they carried them off like fishes on a spear'
          • emphassies size of L's
      • Eurylochus acts a foil to O and counters all his actions. This O seem more clever when he is right and more foolish when he is wrong


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