Book 1 Of the Iliad- Key Moments

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  • Book 1 Of the Iliad- Key Moments
    • Chryseis is taken as booty for Agamemnon, from her father Chryses(A Priest Of Apollo)
      • Chryses prays to Apollo, to strike a plague on the Greeks, until they give him back his daughter, Apollo listens, a plague occurs.
    • The Prophet Calchas, is introduced on the twelve day of the plague, and he explains to the Greeks, why the plague occurred.
      • Agamemon gets angry, when it is suggested by Achilles that, he should return Chryseis to her father. As he still wants a prize from the booty they accomplished on their raid.
        • Agamemnon threatens Achilles, by saying he will take Achilles' booty ; Briseis. Achilles gets angry and storms off after exchanging tense words with Agamemnon and being stopped by Athena.
    • Agamemnon sends a group of people off on a boat to Chryse, with Chryseis in tow,as well a Odysseus in the crew.
      • He also sends his heralds off the Achilles boat on the shore, and gets them to take Briseis from him,
        • They do so, although they are embarrassed and scared when faced by Achilles, but he states 'it is Agamemnon's fault, not theirs' and he does not blame them .
    • Achilles breaks down and prays to his mum, who comes up, asks him what's wrong, and she makes a promise to speak to Zeus to get him to make the Greeks start losing,
    • After Zeus comes back from his feast in Ethiopia, Thetis does as she was asked and gets Zeus to promise to punish the Greeks.
      • Hera realises what is going on and berates Zeus for hiding things from her. He gets angry, they fight and Hephaestus calms them down by making light of what happened to him when he was born.


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