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  • component 1 section b
    • film production consists of 5 major stages:
      • 1) development: ideas are created, if necessary rights are bought, screenplay is written and financing is sought.
      • 1)pre-production: cast and film crew are found, locations chosen and sets are built
      • 3)production: the film is shot
      • 4)post production: the recorded film is edited. crew work on the sound, images and visual effects
      • 5) distribution: finished film is distributed. it is screened at the cinema and released for home viewing
        • the bond franchise makes its money mainly from tickets sales, as well as merchandise
    • company names:
      • MGM
      • columbia
      • sony
      • can be researched in terms of production and distribution, ownership issues, including conglomerates
      • EON
      • the james bond series is produced by EON productions, a British film production company based in London
      • the video rights of all of EON's films are owned by MGM home entertainment and are controlled by MGM's distributor 20th century fox home entertainment
    • name of actors - exploration of previous roles, 'star' appeal
    • on April 10th 2010, a year and a half into the making of Skyfall, the producers decided to suspend production due to MGM spiraling towards bankruptcy.
      • it wasn't until the end of 2010 when the new owners of MGM were able to secure a 500 million dollar revolving credit line that the film could continue.
        • luckily the film ended up making 1.1 billion dollars at the global box office, more than any other Bond film. this allowed the Bond franchise to continue
    • the production of spectre
      • used pinewood studios in London as its base for filming, but then was also shot in Mexico city, Rome, Solden, Morocco and Austria
        • Bond is famous for its exotic locations
          • bond also provides a narrative we feel comfortable with ('bad guy' does something wrong, 'good guy' catches him and wins the day) reinforces dominant messages and values about good and bad
    • age restrictions are placed on all commercially released films by the BBFC and some are evn expected to make cuts or alter the film in some way to conform to guidelines
      • Sony had to cut some violence from Spectre in order to secure a 12A UK rating instead of the 15 classification the BBFC originally recommended
        • this may seem like a sensible decision in order to secure a much wider audience, however, it could be argued that it is no longer the original movie that Sam Mended, director, wanted the audience to see
    • spectre received global distribution (DVD/ Blu-ray) to reach a very large audience
    • unlike many media products it is difficult to specify a specific target audience for Bond.
      • the reason for this being that it has spanned so many decades, so many leads and so many directors.
        • however, it is clearly intended for mass audiences and has great commercial appeal
          • typically young thriller fans and older loyal bond fans
      • bong has universla appeal
    • men want to be bond and women want to be with bond, this allows people to escape from their real lives


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