Bismarcks Germany

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    • The National Minorities
      • He adopted a mixed policy towards the minority racial groups.
      • In the east he favoured Germanisation
        • 1872-3, German was the only language to be used in schools in the Polish-speaking area's
        • Only German could be used in the law courts too
        • The minority poles had to accept German ways and customs
        • Germans were encouraged to buy up Polish farms in east Prussia to ensure Germanisation in these area's
      • Prepared to exploit anti-semitism
        • Against Jews
        • Jews were blamed as scapegoats
      • German became the language permitted in schools Danish North Schleswig
      • in1879, when Austria was keen to make an alliance with Germany, Bismarck took the opportunity to abandon a  promise made to Austria in 1866, that a PLEBISCITE (direct vote) would be held in North Schelswig to decide the area's future.
      • he was reasonably concillitory to the French in Alsace and lorraine
        • they suffered from the persecution of the Catholic Church
        • He allotted 15 Reichstag deputies to represent the area.


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