Birmingham campaign

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  • Birmingham Campaign
    • Why?
      • Large black community
      • Followed of from the failure of albany campaign
      • King knew bull connors tactics and he had a short fuse.
      • King learnt his lesson from albany
    • Under estimated support
      • Had to campaign in black areas to make it look like there was more people
      • local leader of sclc was unpopular
    • Events
      • King took school children out of school as not enough attention was being gained
      • Bull connor had a short fuse and attacked the protesters with dogs and water cannons
      • Church with four girls attending sunday school was bombed by kkk
      • Mass media attention
      • bull connor filled the jails up
    • Result
      • it was embarrassing to america and the presidents image
      • a deal was made that stores were to desegregate and equal employment however this was not immediate


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