Biology Unit 1

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  • Biology Unit 1
    • A Healthy Diet
      • Food contains:
        • Carbohydrates
          • Used to:  1. release energy 2.provide nutrients to build cells
            • Fats
            • Proteins
        • Fats
        • Proteins
        • Mineral ions
          • Needed in small amounts, so cells can work properly
            • Vitamins
        • Vitamins
    • Controlling Mass
      • Metabolic Rate
        • = Rate at which all chemical reactions are carried out in the body
        • Affected by: 1. How much muscle you have 2. How much exercise you do 3. INHERITED FACTORS
      • Body gains ENERGY by eating food
        • Energy is EXPENDED during exercise
          • EXPENDED = used
          • Balance between energy taken in and energy expended affects your mass.
    • Lifestyle and Disease
      • Lifestyle = way we live, so what we eat and do
        • This affects how active we are
        • Lifestyle factors can harm health and lead to disease
      • A person who exercises regularly is more likely to stay healthy than a person who doesn't
      • Inherited Factors
        • some people have genes that give them a higher blood cholesterol level than other people that eat the same diet
    • Pathogens and Infection
      • Microorganisms that cause disease are called pathogens
      • BACTERIA
        • Release TOXINS = makes us feel ill
        • some types invade and destroy body cells
      • VIRUSES
        • take over body cell's DNA, causing cell to make toxins or causing damage when new viruses are


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