Biology: You and your genes

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  • Biology- You and your genes.
    • Genes
      • Genes are found in our chromosomes
        • These alleles may be the same (homozygous) on each pair of chromosomes, or different (heterozygous),
      • which parents pass on in their sex cells in reproduction
      • Different versions of the same gene are called alleles: Hair colours, eye colours, cystic fibrosis
      • nucleus controls the activities of a cell
      • Chromosomes are structures found in the nucleus of most cells: DNA
      • A section of DNA that has the genetic code for making a particular protein: GENE
      • Individuals differ in all sorts of ways: VARIATION diet, climate, culture, physical accidents, lifestyle
    • Inheritance
      • Human body cells each contain 23 pairs of chromosomes. pair of chromosomes carry the same genes in the same place
          • male sex cells are called sperm
      • When sex cells form, the pairs of sex chromosomes (** and XY) are separated
        • females carry **, males XY
      • The Y chromosome carries a gene called the ‘sex-determining region Y’ : develop in an XY embryo
        • produce androgens: male sex hormones. Androgens cause the embryo to become a male: without them, the embryo develops into a female.


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