biology human variation

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  • Variation
    • population
      • a group of the same species in the same place at the same time
    • variation shown by humans may be the result of...
      • genetics and enviroment
    • continuous variation
      • shows smooth differences between 2 extremes
    • distontinuous variation
      • catagories with no in-betweens
    • DNA
      • genetic code which dictates characteristics an organism will show
        • eg. eye colour, skin colour, hair colour
    • enviroment variations
      • sun~lightens hair and darkens skin
      • hair dye~ changes hair colour
      • smoking~discolours teeth
    • variation reduces chances of species coming extinct
      • adaptations~ survive better
    • variation is not always useful...
      • some variables are passed down and may cause disease or death(mutations)


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